Tips For Success


Congratulations on improving your health with Signature Skinny Supplements and FABulous Transformations, Inc. We love to see our clients succeed while on our 90 day program so we have created a list of steps to ensure you lose the weight and keep it off.

10 Tips to Success:

(1) Be Consistent: Clients that use the products on a daily basis always see the best results.

(2) Take a Photo: Grab an outfit and have a personal photo session. Every week grab the same outfit and take a photo. This is a GREAT way to track your success and see your body changing first hand.

(3) Take your Measurements: Everyone loses weight differently, and taking your measurements is a great way to track your inch loss. Particularly in the beginning since your weight will fluctuate until the body stabilizes the weight loss.

(4) Contact Us: If you need encouragement or have questions join our exclusive VIP coaching forum for assistance:

(5) Take a Multivitamin: The detoxification process can strip the body of vital vitamins and nutrients. Taking a multivitamin will replenish your body’s resources.

(6) Cleanse Weekly: Cleansing the digestive tract will ensure that your body absorbs nutrients from the foods, and supplements that you consume. Our slim beauty cleansing tea is very popular and often used to achieve this effect.

(7) No Skipping Meals: Skipping meals slows down your body’s metabolism, and causes your body to store fat cells instead of burning them. (Leading cause of weight gain)

(8) Warm/Room Temperature Water: The herbs in the supplements are absorbed faster if you drink warm water, or a low caffeine tea (green tea, red tea, or black tea).

(9) Follow the Steps/Use as Directed: Each product in our program has been numbered, once you complete your bottle advance to the next step in the program. Increasing the recommended dosage is not recommended. Contact your health coach for plateau busters.

(10) Research: Our knowledge base is FULL of tips, and tricks used to help your body lose weight and it is updated daily. If you have a question that we have not answered please send us an email with a subject line of "Ask the Health Coach".

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